These are the most wanted gifts on Amazon Spain this Christmas

With the arrival of December, like every year, we are faced with a ‘blank canvas’ Find Christmas gifts for those closest to you, In addition, we must also add the lack of crowded shopping centers stores and the creativity required to deliver in an original way. Reasons That Make 75% of Sales online Start with the search bar.

given the proximity of ChristmasDigital Consultancy Specialist Witailer analysis Most notable finds on Amazon Spain To understand users’ shopping and consumption patterns, predicting the trends that will characterize Christmas shopping.

Traditional advent calendars are the most sought after product for this special date, according to Witteller’s data. Special demand is experienced in Spain by those associated with Funko, Playmobil, Harry Potter, Lego or Disney, some of the most iconic toys and characters of the culture of this market.

Consumer Behavior 2021: The Key To Predicting Trends

when it comes to increasing sales the markets as AmazonTaking advantage of seasonality, Witailer’s experts emphasize the special importance focus on search history,

most sought after gifts on the platform jeff bezos were related throughout 2021 Words like “Alexa”, “wireless headphones”, “unique gifts for women” or “lego”occupy the first four positions of grade Of discoveries

If we talk about subcategories, then they point to Witailer Four trends dominated Amazon’s total searches for Christmas 2021: videogames, which represented 4.29% of the channel’s total searches; books and mobile, which exceeded 2% of searches, and party supplies, representing 1.55% of total searches in the channel. Trends that will allow brands large and small to direct their catalogs to maximize profit from sales.

Gifts and bags among the words experiencing the biggest growth

Witailer experts also underline the importance of analyzing the growth of certain search terms, as this may represent a clear business opportunity on this type of platform. In the case of Amazon, There are search terms that have seen a particularly significant increase, such as “Christmas women’s gifts”., whose discoveries were multiplied 516 times. only after “bag” christmas present” (214 times); “Christmas Gifts for Man” (89 times) or “Christmas False Nails” (60 times).

“As in physical commerce, seasonality is important for the development of opportunities and trade volumes in markets such as Amazon,” explains Alessandro Sgoba Digital Strategist and Client Manager at Viteller. “In what sense, Brands, both large and small, who have a digital presence have many advantages As for the ease of purchase or the availability of ‘stock’ at all times, even in times of greatest demand, as long as they have an appropriate strategy, concludes Sgobba.

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