These are the reasons to abandon the traditional local archive and store it in the cloud

Nuria Andres

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things have changed a lot in terms of data storage, Until recently, to cope with the increased storage capacity of applications, it was necessary to have large local storage systems, such as file or mail servers. But now Major applications migrated to the cloudTherefore, traditional storage solutions have problems attracting investment from new customer companies or at least staying afloat among those who have been their users.

Data has never been more so than its various forms. Organizations are constantly generating large amounts of information, and there are some difficulties in managing it in a cost-effective and efficient manner in compliance with existing regulations. Among the challenges is the need to combat the obsolescence of systems hitherto used, seeking a balance between modernizing archaic architecture and offering useful archiving functions.

Cybercriminals pretend that victims have subscribed to a service and give them a number to 'unsubscribe'.

System upgrade challenge

Updating the local filing system is not exactly an easy task, especially if it has to be done by the organization’s own employees. Everything has to be updated simultaneously, keeping each archive schema at the same level, but at the same time this update has to be separated from those for storing archive data, Database and server hardware.

They should also be done from time to time backup Complete collection to preserve data, also guaranteeing the uniformity of the stored data, whether structured or not, if it is necessary to resort to backups to correct any errors that may have occurred during the update.

inside a quantum computer

Typically, upgrades eventually become so labor intensive that it is common to seek assistance from a qualified third party to successfully perform the upgrade, especially on larger projects or if you have limited archiving experience.

Google Cloud inaugurated its first data region in Spain.
Google Cloud inaugurated its first data region in Spain.

with cloud migration, users will not have the latest version of the system, so in the worst case the previous one will be implemented more or less recently than any local system, as there may be multiple updates in the same year. The provider is also the one that performs the updates and supports the customers, who are notified in advance of scheduled updates or maintenance of the archive solution.

Benefits of migrating storage to the cloud

Serious consideration of moving local storage to the cloud is often motivated by the need for organizations to reduce or eliminate infrastructure and associated costs, but also to reduce the administrative burden on their employees. Having a modern storage solution allows you to estimate costs to balance operating expenses as closely as possible with the investment the company has made in its storage migration strategy.

The labor market needs an ICT profile that meets the demand of companies.

Saying goodbye to in-house archiving systems and moving to cloud-native solutions makes it easier for users to adapt and prepare for emerging compliance obligations over time. potential litigation In which you have to provide data. Certain demand conditions for which traditional system providers do not have the capability.

Likewise, modern cloud archiving is compatible with email and digital communication platforms, which is now essential for any user, with enhanced capabilities.

Monitor and review the data generated in them, as well as integrated search, protection and data export functions.

30% of surveyed Spaniards intend to reduce the number of platforms they subscribe to.
Young man with laptop.
John Schnobrich

innovate for customization

To achieve maximum efficiency in these critical tasks of accessing, searching and consulting stored data, it is essential to rely on innovation. This will not only improve the collection architecture, but will also allow optimization of the customer experience in terms of its usage and support, among other guarantees.

Given the benefits, it is not surprising that the priority of more and more organizations is to move their systems or applications to the cloud. In order to accelerate this transition, amidst the continuous increase in information, one needs to: Good IT Infrastructure Management, but look beyond that periphery as well. Because, when it comes to innovation, what is rapidly evolving to be cloud-friendly are cybercriminals and their threats.

PDF viruses are in the top 10 of the world rankings.

Data is not lost by itself, but by careless, compromised or malicious users. People are the new perimeter who must first and foremost have security awareness in organizations, through solutions that prevent and solve advanced threats even in the cloud, which is already one of the main attack vectors, while people Identifies and protects the data created by. Access and share.

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