These are theories that confirm that Queen Elizabeth II may have faked her death

Previous September 8, 2022 was a sad day for the United Kingdom Because the longest-lived emperor in history, Queen Elizabeth II dies of health complicationsThe Queen died unexpectedly at the age of 96 at her Scottish palace, Balmoral, after seven decades of rule, an event that affected practically everyone.

With the departure of the queen, many hopes were raised What would it mean for the United Kingdom to lose its most representative figure of the past 63 years, apart from the incessantly asked questions of who would become the new British monarch, Presently held by his son, now King Carlos III.,

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has also given rise to conspiracy theories surrounding her rule to gain popularity, After seven decades in office, it is relatively common that the Queen has become the target of related conspiracy theories, for example, her longevity or her involvement in a conspiracy that ended the life of Princess Diana. Unfortunately the theories associated with Queen Elizabeth did not stop with her death.

Rani has become the target of conspiracy theories
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Did Queen Elizabeth II fake her death?

While thousands mourned the passing of Queen Elizabeth, A group of Internet users fanatical of conspiracy theories began spreading a strange hypothesis, claiming that the Emperor had faked his death.that’s why it all started The alleged existence of a photograph of the queen’s coffin where it was shown with her own hands,

Several media outlets have questioned the existence of this picture. In view of this, “conspiracy theorists” claim that the image was abruptly removed from the Internet, however, There is other “evidence” that confirms that the Queen’s death hides a terrible secret.

It can be seen how the emperor’s right hand has a green color
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in the last days of his life The Queen was photographed shaking hands with Liz TrussWho was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the time, in photographs of the meeting It can be seen how the color of the right hand of the emperor is green, This caused theories about his death to revolve around the fact that Queen Elizabeth was possibly a “reptile” who could no longer hide her presence and decided to disappear from media attention

All this is nothing more than simple rumors and speculation generated by “conspiracy theorists” who spend a lot of time on Internet forums, None of these theories have been verified by any official means, although they give the mysterious royal family much to think about.

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