These glasses take virtual reality even further: if the player loses in the game they destroy his brain

“If you die in the game, you die in real life”, Palmer Luckey, co-founder of virtual reality company Oculus VR, is looking to achieve that with new glasses, which are not for sale for obvious reasons.

Luckey claims that the device is alleged to have set fire to “immediately destroy” the player’s head if they die in the game. the creator This comic is based on the plot of ‘Sword Art Online’.Where the characters play with ‘NerveGear’, which is an interface to fully enter the game.

“thoughts of Connect your real life with your virtual avatar has always attracted me. Only the threat of dire consequences can make the game feel real to you,” Luckey explains on his personal blog.

The player has goggles to kill when he dies in the game three explosive charge modules Connected to a narrowband photosensor. With this technology, the device detects that the screen flashes red at a specific frequency.

This way, when all life points are lost in the game and an ending screen appears, The virtual reality glasses activate their charge and they fire. This will spoil the mind of the player and his life will end not only in the game but also in reality.

Quest Pro will allow you to watch videos on YouTube as if the user was a part of it.

device is not finished yet

The Oculus VR co-founders are developing an anti-tamper mechanism so that the headset cannot be disconnected from the user or activated externally. Thus, they would make it impossible for any other ending than to win or die the game.

The manufacturer has admitted that still There are bugs that can kill the user without even getting lost, Luckey explains that a “high intelligence” agent would be needed to determine the final activation if the conditions are right.

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