These interactive screens for restaurants scan your face and body to determine which menu is best for you

Radiant (software company) wants to introduce interactive screens in fast chain restaurants Place orders using artificial intelligence (I one).

Users have to stand in front of the screen, so A camera will scan for height, gender, age and mood, Once this step is completed, the counter AI will analyze the symptoms to select the most recommended menu.

Bobby Marhamat (CEO of Radiant) points out at Quartz that the software allows “to create a personalized experience for customers, while help restaurant to increase sales.

At the moment, this technology is not implemented with artificial intelligence experiences, however, it is already Used in over 4,500 companies Of all the world

Merchants determine customer characteristics, such as age or gender, to characterize their definition. Marmat points out that companies tend to omit classifications based on race or body size, similarly, the CEO says users tend to do a good job. Concerns about the risk of your personal data,

Peanuts are found in two restaurants in Amazonia Chic.

“The company does not store personal information or sell it to third parties,” says Marmat. Radiant clarifies that technology privacy is included In a certain way, that is, only anonymous data is processed and collected.

Ethically speaking, Radiant has nothing to do with showing a person only junk food, because The result will be handled by the restaurant.

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