These were the terrible humiliations for which Camilla Parker was victimized by Queen Elizabeth II

after the death of Queen Isabel IIThe shocking news of the world, many memories, testimonies and stories which were hidden have come to the fore. Undoubtedly, the remembered emperor ruled with intelligence and unshakable rigor, but little is known about his relationship with his son, the current King Carlos III; And above all about his relationships with partners and wives that he knew how to be. probably because of people’s immense affection, the link between Queen Isabel II And Lady Di has been over-exploited by historians and journalists; However, what is known about his relationship with her Camilla Parker It is almost zero.

after the death of Queen Isabel IIyour son carlos was crowned as King Charles III And of course Camilla Parker, his wife, became the new queen consort. Camilla Parker He hasn’t had a good time, nor has he been seen with the best of eyes, both inside and outside British royalty; During the stormy relationship of the then prince carlos With whom was his wife Lady Di, Camilla and today Ray There were already lovers from England. parker The one who was still married at that time could never get rid of that stigma.

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