These were the three most humiliating moments in Lady Di’s life after marrying King Carlos III

Perhaps the British royal figure is most loved and remembered by his people, perhaps because of his gestures of solidarity, or for being an activist for those causes, or for his acts of philanthropy, perhaps because of his somewhat insecure personality. in reason and comfort that did not match the rest of the royal family; One thing is certain that today as a member of the British royal family, she had to suffer humanity and suffering, while her husband is today King Charles IIIcheated on him Camilla ParkerAroused great sympathy among the general public, even outside England.

Unlike what happens with the queen consort even today, Camilla ParkerWho has just attacked King Carlos III with eggs in a clear sign of disapproval. Lady Deu As already mentioned, he was in love with the UK; probably be Camilla lover of Charles III And what hurt Diana of Wales is that people still have a certain distrust of her. As of 2005, Queen Elizabeth II had also disapproved of the relationship between her son and parker,

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