They are the alleged unrecognized daughters of Raul Velasco.

Ral Velasco was a well-known Mexican producer and presenter born in 1933 who, in addition to maintaining a relationship with Hortensia Ruiz and Dorle Cloclo, met other women whom he spoke little about, including María Elena Velasco , popularly known as ‘The Indian Maria’. ,

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These versions appeared after his death from hepatitis type C in 2006, where it was also commented that he had two daughters who were not identified, which we will tell you about throughout this writing.

Who are the girls and how does the theory come about?

A few years ago, some rumors hinted that some of the daughters of the well-known “Always on Sundays” host might have fallen out of wedlock, and although it remained only “rumours” at the time, it was in 2019 when a The woman named Mirna Velasco came out announcing and assuring that she was the daughter of Raul Velasco and that her mother was Maria Elena Velasco.

At that time the woman assured that she was the daughter of both artists, but in order not to “stain” her life of fame, they decided to give her to a domestic worker, the one who was in charge of her education and her childhood and youth. in health.

However, from the moment Maria Elena found out about her origin, she said that at least she deserved to be recognized as his daughter, as she was not interested in gaining fame, so she contacted her brothers. which were recognized by Raul. To undergo a DNA test and confirm that his theory was true.

But although none of them showed interest in meeting him, the girl said that she managed to pass the test and through it she confirmed that the television presenter was her father, although no physical evidence has been shown on him till date. .

On the other hand, Mirna also states that she was not the only daughter of Ral Velasco and ‘La India Maria’, as apparently Bellanova singer Denis Guerrero was in the same position, although to date the singer has not mentioned anything. . On this topic, but many say that she is very similar to Maria Elena.

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