They are the most beautiful fans of Pachuca Frida and Gabi

after his victory in Inaugural Tournament 2022Since its inception, Pachuca has gathered fans throughout the Mexican nation, consisting of all types of citizens. However, there are two fans in particular who stand out on social networks not only for their unconditional love tubesBut also for her gorgeous beauty and style that she puts out on her Instagram account every day.

it’s friday frida and about Gabi GonzalezWho has conquered the network, documenting his visits to football stadiums every time he sees a match of the Hidalgo team.

Frida shares her visits to the Pachuca matches
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For her part, Frida also manages a TikTok account, a platform on which she has more than 180,000 followers and shares funny videos about her love for Tuzos, as well as her passion for the Mexican National Team and His upcoming matches World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Countless followers react to influencer’s posts
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Sometimes Frida uses Instagram to hold raffles of football-related products, so comments and users who want to participate are not long in coming. Likewise, he often takes to the network to share his experiences at concerts by artists, which vary from Afrojack to C. Tangana.

Despite not having the same level of activity on stage, Gabi has won the hearts of thousands of users who constantly remind her how beautiful she looks in her photos inside the stadium. Currently, she has more than 13,000 followers, who keep an eye on her new pictures and stories.

Gabi has a passion for Tuzos
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