They arrest the hacker who leaked GTA 6 videos, a teenager who has already attacked Nvidia, Samsung, Vodafone and Uber.

Almost a decade has passed since the release of the video game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) and its makers from Rockstar Games Company are working on a sequel. Before the company could publish anything, a teenager hacked into their server and GTA VI preview video is accessed.

Following the incident, London Police announced on their official Twitter account that they had arrested the young man. age 17 in oxfordshire And he remained in police custody. Detective Inspector Michael O’Sullivan of London Police said the teenager had been “sent to a juvenile detention centre”.

It is not yet known whether the alleged offender will remain in the correctional indefinitely or whether he will be able to accompany his parents when justice permits.

It should be noted that this is not the first time a minor has been accused of hacking and the authorities link him to a group of cybercriminals. slip$ (They also think that he may be the leader). This group has previously attacked companies as notorious Nvidia, Samsung, Vodafone and Uber.

For this first computer offence, justice sentenced him to six months, although he was later returned to his home on bail. The terms of their release are not known in detail, but one of the Restriction on connecting to the Internet for 30 days.

Rockstar Games assured that the young man did not steal the source code of the next GTA and confirmed that his schedule was not going to change. This statement means that The game will be released in 2 yearsWhen the decade of presentation to the public is over.

Cybercriminals had no difficulty accessing the database with the company's password.

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