They assure that Christian Estrada and Esmeralda Ugalde went to a hotel together

  • Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani warn Esmeralda about Christian Estrada’s behavior.
  • According to the information shared, both would have spent the whole night together in a hotel in California.
  • He says Christian Estrada was intoxicated.

Despite the scandals he’s been involved in recently, Christian Estrada Keep enjoying the good things in life and a button is enough to show it. The drivers of the program ‘Gossip No Like’ revealed the scandalous video of the model and assured that she is spending time in the armpit Esmeralda Ugalde,

According to alyssa berstein why Javier Ceriani, Christian Estrada With the singer at a concert of his ‘Electropop Tour’ on December 9 in Santa Ana, California. However, he said, he starred in new scandals because of the uncomfortable situation in which he was caught and what he did after the show.

,There the young man was looking very happy, but also the little hands of a drunkard, who were falling… There were more than two people who told us that the man was pelting stones. commented baristain broadcasting a video showing Christian Estrada Jahan’s sister on a balcony in front of the stage Ana Barbara,

However, apart from the alleged state of intoxication, Estrada will have spent the night in a hotel with Esmeralda UgaldeThey said Javier Ceriani, “In the last song, Ferca’s ex goes to the VIP, Esmeralda joins Ugalde and the two escape together… and they went to a hotel in Santa Ana, California and spent the night togethersaid the Argentine driver.

seriani He said that the hotel staff where he would have been informed Christian Estrada spent the whole night at the establishment with Esmeralda Ugalde, Similarly, the show’s owners commented that the model is always looking for someone who has the power to get things done.

both in the end Javier Ceriani as alyssa berstein He issued a warning to the sister of Ana Barbara take care Christian EstradaBecause the young man has gotten two celebrities pregnant: frida sophia why spunWith whom he is also having a dispute regarding his son.

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