They berate Marjorie de Sousa for visiting the Basilica of Guadalupe with her son: “What a nerve!”

  • The fans didn’t like that Marjorie de Sousa was in a Mexican religious shrine.
  • Nor did they agree with the prominent neckline of her dress.

Weeks after winning the disapproval of Instagram users, the actress marjorie de sousa Dozens of people went to the Basilica of Guadalupe to accompany her young son to the vexation of what many consider a “hypocritical” act.

And it is that its publication is troubling because Venezuela has never mentioned the Virgin of Coromoto, admired in its native country, but mainly because it has not given permission. Julian Gill Lives with the child who was with them.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, beautiful mom from Guadalupe. May God and our mother bless each one of you homes,” the actress wrote alongside a series of photos. Altar of the Basilica of Guadeloupe. At the same time, his followers reprimanded his words for not matching his actions.,

It also provoked a response from Julian Gill to a recent publication

“Hip yourself up and ask god for all your bad deeds and let your son share with his other family”May the Virgin touch your heart lady!!! for your son, Can you dress like that in a sacred place for Mexicans? Because you grew up, it was with the Virgin of Koromoto”, “Virgins are worshiped with good deeds. It starts with sharing your son’s father with her. What a real nerve this woman has”These were some of the attacks Marjorie de Sousa received in her publication.

Some demanded that he worship the Virgin of Guadalupe and not his country

Marjorie limited herself to replying to positive comments

As if that was not enough, the soap opera actress like ‘Desalmada’ and ‘Amores Que Ngaanga’ received harsh criticism for the neckline of her dress, which, by the way, was designed by. MitziBecause for many it was too prominent a religious shrine.

His son was dressed as Juan Diego in the Basilica of Guadalupe.

marjorie de sousa Singing for the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared as part of the cast of the Telemundo network for this celebration. Similarly, the American television station did Aida Cuevas, alexander acha, patty christmas why Saul ‘The Jaguar’,

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