They compare Johnny Depp to an old woman after a makeover

It seems that shaving was not a good decision for Johnny Depp, now he is nicknamed “Ma’am” or “Auntie”, which were quite different from what we were used to.

to personal brand Johnny Depp is relentless, Thanks to his portrayal of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean who became everyone’s idol ever since he won a defamation suit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, we’ve seen him well enough. This week, the actor courted controversy again for being chosen to be Rihanna’s guest at the parade of her Savage x Fendi lingerie line.

to the interpreter of the main subject of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever They try to cancel it because of the minor anguish shown towards the actress., which has been publicly humiliated according to the point of view of several groups and the documentary Johnny Vs. Ember: Judgment Day on HBO Max. That’s what happened when Depp was an astronaut invited to the MTV Video Music Awards, days after his victory from court in Virginia.

Shaving his mustache and beard hasn’t been his best decision either., The legal process against the Aquaman actress in her attempt to rejuvenate and purge all the evils that attracted her, she thought that looking hairless was going to be something positive. Perhaps not so for her, fans, detractors and trolls on social networks. ,oh my god she looks like my mom” or “He already looks like Mickey Rourke”, are some of the comments that have been made of him.


johnny depp current look

This is the picture that shows his transformation: hipster hat, long, disheveled, loose hair; underlined eyes, duck faceWrinkles on the cheeks and raised cheekbones, probably due to a cosmetic improvement, and adding the filter he applied makes him appear as someone older than his 59 years old. The funniest thing is, apparently, all the opinions on Twitter where they nickname him.

Hopefully this isn’t the last thing in this social network that has started its decline as a result of Elon Musk’s purchase and verification of eight dollars, whose first victim of identity theft was Tobey Maguire. anyhow, Memes are always the order of the day for the next independent movie star La Favre, where he would give life to King Louis XV,


meme he made with Denis de Kalafe and Ferro

,Johnny Depp has already transformed into a woman“@Natjiusshka__ said. Woman of the Deep. “She has all the vibes of a woman who survives a zombie apocalypse,” “Aunt Juanita”, “The Denis de Calafe universe is expanding“Enclosed, this one, with some photos where she is compared to singer and Mana’s singer Fer. “Johnny Depp turns into an old hippie lady who sells leather bracelets at craft markets”, ends @DoggoAdicto .

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