They create a bionic nose that will allow people who have lost it due to COVID-19 to recover their sense of smell

One of the most frequent symptoms in people who have had COVID-19 is a loss of smell. Some people who have already overcome the disease continue to have this symptom and it seems that they will never recover from this feeling. Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University seem to have found a solution: a bionic nose Which can restore the neural connections of people who have stopped smelling.

The device has been tested on mice, and its developers are preparing for human trials. According to its creators, Bionic nose learns to imitate smell So that the person can appreciate them again, so the sense of smell doesn’t really recover.

Human is not the animal that smells the most in the world, however, it is able to detect about 400 olfactory receptors that produces Thousands of different smells. With this prototype the researchers are trying to analyze all those odors in a single processor and will require individual training for each one.

Less than 1% of the cases diagnosed by the app were identified.

According to the inventors of the bionic nose, the first step for patients will be being able to sense the smells that are important to them and gradually impart more. Externally, the device is shaped like a spectacle, with a sensor in the central part. It is responsible for detecting odors and sending signals via pins to receptors placed under the skin.

Through the receiver, the odors will be converted in electrical impulses So that people’s olfactory bulb can recognize it.

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