They create a Black Mirror-style app that records what you’ve seen, said, or heard for you to consult later.

Sometimes reality and fiction aren’t as far apart as we think, even if the fantasy we’re talking about is from a Black Mirror episode. Although the application rewind Created to help people with their memory, its functions are very reminiscent of the dystopias seen in the stories from the famous Netflix series.

The app records all the activities that someone has done on the Internet, whether in a video call or in a social network. For example, it can be used To find a specific part of a recorded Zoom meeting In which such a thing was done, so that users do not have to watch the entire video again.

“The content of discussions, debates and decisions is often lost forever once a meeting is over,” says Dan Siroker, one of the app’s creators. “With Rewind, you never have to worry about losing this content again… you can return to the meeting you’re looking for, right in the moment, Just looking for a word that was said, a word that appeared on your screen,

protection of rewind

Cirocar commented that he and Brett Bezek (another manufacturer) were able to develop platforms for Apple’s M1 and M2 chips: “We leverage every part of the system on a chip to do everything locally on your machine.” As they point out, the recordings are stored locally on the Mac, so theoretically the data is kept safe, even if that scares ensue.

Despite using Mac technology, Apple has not invested in the application and is completely free. The app can be used in different browsers, not only Safari They do not record windows in incognito mode.

Its creators want to comply with all privacy laws, so they recommend that Rewind users ask for verbal permission to record video call participants.

There are a variety of keyboard shortcuts that allow users to move around quickly without using a mouse.

recording storage

Rewind mentions that raw video recording data can be compressed Up to 3,750 times without losing quality. Thus, users can save files on even the smallest Apple hard drives.

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