They Detect 400 Malicious Apps on iOS and Android That Steal the Data of Those Who Use Facebook to Log In

Facebook’s parent company Meta warns via cybersecurity report that they have detected 400 mobile apps Which collect the login credentials of the social network. According to the company, the applications are found in both the Play Store and the App Store and pose as photo editing platforms, VPNs and Activity Monitor (among others) to trap users.

Prompted as soon as victims installed apps ‘Sign in with Facebook’. By doing this, users were providing such data to cyber criminals. Additionally, double-checkers may also be required to provide a code to access the app.

“If login information is stolen, attackers can gain full access to a person’s account and do something like: send message to your friends hey access private information“, a warning from the company.

Meta explored the threat from Facebook through behavioral cues and how it relates to malicious apps. Based on that, about a million users a notification has been received this weekend.

Before notifying Internet users, Meta reported the problem to Apple and Google, as the fraudulent apps were in their official stores. Thanks to this, the apps have already been removed from the Play Store and App Store. However, the victims They can still install them on their mobile.

The law will affect companies with more than 45 million active European users.

The firm advises users to change the password to a new stronger password. That is, the ideal would be that Symbols, numbers, uppercase and lowercase And there are more than eight characters.

Similarly, Meta also recommends activating two-step authentication And enable internal notifications, to find out when someone has tried to log into the account.

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