They discover a new campaign to send fraudulent SMS impersonating Correos

The Internet User Protection Office has warned of a new wave of fraudulent SMS in which cyber criminals pretend to be post offices. Through smashing strategy, Scammers want victims to provide their credit card details By filling out a form on a fake website that mimics the company’s official one.

A page impersonating the Correos website asks for victims’ bank details.

As per the details, the fraudulent messages they send to mobile phones ensure that the users have to pay customs duty to receive the package. ,From is a phone number not associated with the entity -Way Stress- This SMS encourages you to use the link to enter card details, make a minimum payment payment of less than €3, and thus be able to receive the package.

Mobile payment is becoming more popular over time.

As is always the case in these cases, OSI advises users not to click on links that are part of the SMS and under no circumstances provide their personal and bank details. If it is too late and you have already been a victim of this type of scam, it is advisable to do Call the bank as soon as possible and request Cancellation of credit or debit cards.

These are some of the fake messages that users have received.
These are some of the fake messages that users have received.

Apart from this, netizens should also take screenshots of hoax messages and Report to state security forces and bodies.

Hydra Market accounted for 75% of illegal online transactions between 2018 and 2020.

Ideal for those who are actually waiting for a package from the post office and have doubts about the authenticity of the SMS or email or not Check it on the official website. You can contact customer service or use the Korios Email Verifier to check the shipment status.

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