They filter messages from fans of Veronica Castro who would confirm the innocence of the actress: “Yes, I owe it to myself”

after some Veronica Castro fans Announcing the alleged risky video call with the artist, saying that the driver also never disrespected her and was not a stalker, a series of screenshots of the conversation surfaced of two alleged followers of the actress.

In these images shared in “Ventanendo” you can see how he speaks in a derogatory manner Veronica CastroAnna was even contemplating the idea of ​​getting him intoxicated in order to obtain information about her alleged relationship with Gabriel and Yolanda Andrade.

Screenshot shown in “windowing”

It is not mentioned that They start sexually abusing Veronica Castro Earlier, the singer’s other fans – presumably those who came out in her defense on the social network – decided to remove her from the WhatsApp group by sharing an image of her in the chat and making sure they couldn’t stop noticing her cleavage. did. ,

This will prove Veronica Castro’s innocence

In fact, fans involved in the off-color comments also mentioned in conversation that she finds it awkward to be called “Grandma”. Veronica CastroWhen in fact they have another type of interest in it.

In addition, in the video shown in the program “Ventanendo”, it can be seen that the parents of minors were often present in the video calls that their daughters had with the actress, where everything discussed was apparently harmless. Was.

These messages have been exchanged by some of Veronica Castro’s fans

well though Veronica Castro He came to invite his younger fans to his house in Acapulco, this was always done in a very respectful manner, without any sexual harassment and always appealed to the organization of minors with the permission of his parents.

Before this, some celebrities like Lorena Herrera and Laura Zapatas Veronica came to the rescue of Castro Who was accused by journalist Jorge Carbajal of making inappropriate video calls with some of his underage fans.

However, shortly after the video surfaced, in which the communicator mentions evidence that would involve the actress in an illegal act, some fans present in the above video call assured that whatever was said was not true. , Because Veronica Castro He always treated her like a granddaughter, making it clear that his parents were always aware of his contact with the first actress.

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