They filter out new photos of Clara Chia Marti’s physical transformation; They say they want to look like Shakira

Clara Chia Marti After this there has been a trend in social networks filter new pictures from my last trip with Gerard Piqué where it was estimated with a probability of Change physicist there are so many netizens on her face Assurance what does he want look alike One shakira, as they have begun to compare the first images of them taken recently; And the difference is noticeable.

Much has been said about the romantic journey they took Gerard Piqué Near Clara Chia Marti Heading to Prague, the fact that he moved in economy class and in different seats attracted a lot of attention, with many speculating that the former soccer player would have his new home after paying for it. Doesn’t have that much money to buy expensive gifts for girlfriend Some guessed plastic surgery, which made her radical look possible physical change,

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