They filter photos of Clara Chia Marty living with the children of Shakira and Gerard Pique

issue of separation Shakira You Gerard Piqué It remains a global trend and it is that special things have emerged that never cease to amaze Internet users, so this day will be no exception. in the last hours filter unpublished in social networks, where you see Clara Chia Martis living together with sons the house where he has football player with colombian located Pyrenees Catalan

Gerard Piqué He’s given a lot to talk about, because in the name of the identity of his new girlfriend. Clara Chia MartisThe footballer has taken a very liberal position about the situation, as apparently he doesn’t care what people say and is already exposing his new case to the public, a situation that has left millions of internet users. is offended because after the announcement of her separation ShakiraBoth the celebrities made a pact not to reveal their passionate life in front of the cameras for their own sake. sons,

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