They find Andres Garcia lying in his house, he can no longer breathe on his own

famous actors Andres Garcia The fall in July this year caused great concern among his fans, triggering the alarm again when he was admitted to the hospital later (last October) emergency In order to receive a blood transfusion, at the time he did not explain why it was necessary to take this medical action, however, he was later seen stable through some photos that were published from his official Instagram account.

However, there are fears about his condition now Health It has become relevant again after it was reported through a nationally broadcast entertainment magazine that the celebrity was found lying at his home, unable to get up. Daisy Portillo, who contacted immediate services emergency History to give medical help.

Andres Garcia can no longer breathe on his own

According to what came to light via the said publication, Famous has problems breathe on his own, so he now has to be forever connected to an oxygen tank while he recuperates at the home of the woman who found him collapsed.

It is noteworthy that one of the greatest complications of the famous soap opera actor such as “El Privilegio de Amar” and “Mujeres Engadas” is related to the fact that he has a condition that affects his hemoglobin levels, a Protein which is of vital importance. to carry it oxygen throughout the body, so it is believed that this blood transfusion may be related to the condition.

Now fans of the acclaimed actor Conquering millions of hearts through the big screen, he is expected to recover soon at the home of his wife, Margarita Portillo, with whom he reconciled only a few weeks ago, as it is known that they started divorce proceedings. Had done so that they could end. 22 years long marriage.


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