They find images of medical patients in training for a popular artificial intelligence system

Artificial intelligence artist Lapin discovered his photographs taken by his doctor in 2013. Victim Found Pictures of Her Face ‘Have I Been Trended’ on WebConsidering that they were authorized for personal use only on an authorization form.

Lapin has a genetic condition called dyskeratosis congenita. In 2013, he underwent several procedures to restore facial contours after undergoing surgery on the mouth and jaw, which resulted in, These images refer to the intervention with the surgeon,

The artist states in ArsTechnica that “the doctor who held the medical photo died of cancer in 2018. I suspect he somehow gave up custody of his office after that, The digital equivalent of receiving stolen property is, Someone stole the image from my dead doctor’s files and it ended up online somewhere.”

The user prefers to hide his identity for privacy reasons. With the records and photographs provided, Ars Technica confirmed that he had some medical images from which Referenced in the LAION-5B dataset,

Lapin’s name is not attached to the photos, but he is upset that the medical photos have been ruined be a product of consent or recourse, Meanwhile, he doesn’t understand how the chain of custody of his private images failed, but he still wants his images removed from the LAION dataset.

Ars Technica experts explain that It is possible to delete some images, The discovery comes at a time when the artist community is facing a problem related to AI image models working to train without prior consent.

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