They Find Out the Big Lie Meghan Markle Told About Queen Elizabeth II

death Queen Isabel II He would never have objected to a movie star meghan markle, his grandson’s wife prince harry, Continue with your acting career, contrary to what Meghan herself may have previously said.

Queen Elizabeth II was delighted that her grandson Harry was marrying Meghan Markle, and made every effort to welcome her future granddaughter into the royal family, even telling her that legal duties Despite this, she can continue her acting career. she should act as a wife Duke of Sussex.

that’s what the book says “Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait”, from the author Styles Brandreth, Which will be available for sale across the UK next month. was close to Brandreth Prince Philip And knowledgeable of the entire royal family.

The late Queen was very concerned about her grandson Harry’s happiness, knowing that the passing of his mother, Diana Princess of Wales, was a very difficult time in her life. That’s why the queen told in the first meeting itself Meghan:

“You can still be an actress if you want to, it is your profession, after all.”

The publication also specifies in detail that Queen Isabel II wasn’t bothered at all by the memory book of Prince Harry.

“She understood Harry’s desire to write the book, not just for the money, but because he wanted to tell his story, to tell his truth,” the author says.

He also added the following:

“He would not have been the first member of the royal family to do so. The Queen recalled the uproar in 1951 when her uncle, the duke of windsor, published his volume of memoirs ‘A King’s Story’. He also wanted to speak his truth and needed money. The memories themselves are long forgotten.”

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