They find the possible remains of Luis Miguel’s mother Marcela Bustri

The disappearance of Marcella Bastari is one of the cases that has attracted the most attention, but the recent discovery of some bone remains may clear many doubts.

from the premiere of Luis Miguel, series In 2018, the case of Marcela Bastari once again came into the public eye. According to the singer’s statements, her mother mysteriously disappeared in 1986 and since then no one has seen her, so he and his brothers, Sergio and alexander bestiHe has tried his best to find her.,

In the series starring Diego Boneta, it is explained that El Sol de México had hired a Mossad private investigator to investigate the disappearance of his mother, but found no clues to suggest her whereabouts. Now everything has taken an unexpected turn. According to a police report, skeletal remains were found in a mass grave in Spain that may belong to Marcella.

If this information is true, then the Basti family can rest easy knowing what really happened to their mother. Several theories had previously circulated, one of them stating that Luisito Rey was the cause of his disappearance, After which earned the hatred of fans Oscar Janada Recreate the singer’s father, where he was depicted as a violent and ambitious man.

luis miguelo

Luis Miguel has dedicated some songs to his mother.

Another theory indicated that Marcella was moving around Argentina or, that he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, however, there is not enough evidence to support this, Recent discovery may clear many doubts, But so far neither the singer nor his family has spoken about it, as DNA testing will be needed to confirm whether they are indeed his remains.

George “Buro” Van Rankin, who is a close friend of the singer, has said that he knew nothing about the news: “I have no idea how they would find them, I didn’t know. They were looking for him, but if it’s true, it makes me a lot stronger”, remarked. They also confirmed that Luis Miguel is about to release a new album and will be touring very soon., For now we will have to wait for statements from El Sol de México and be aware of the next updates on the matter.

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