They fought for the love of Mijares, and neither of the singers succeeded.

Manuel Mijares has been the cause of significant love rivalries

From the beginning of his career till date, Manuel Mijares is one of the most sought after leading men on the show, There have been many actresses, singers and conductors who have declared that they are madly in love with “Soldier of Love”, and some were even lucky enough to have the chance to go out with him on several occasions before Lucero took his wife’s place. Gave.

There were two interpreters, also considered rivals in music, with whom Manuel established a relationship that could become something more lasting; Even then, None of them managed to retain Sundar’s love and lovely singer.

More news about Mijares:

no one would imagine Ilse Maria Olivo“Guerita” from Flens, and now a close friend of the Mijares family, mayte lascurain, They fought for the singer’s heart in the 80s, but it was so. In various statements, interviews and confessions to the press, both artists have revealed that they have fallen deeply in love with “Manuelito”.

On social networks, and as a result of the divorce of Lucero and Mijares, Mayte’s followers keep alive the illusion of seeing the interpreters together in the near future, which is the dream of both Pandora and her. “squab” – as Mayte lovingly says- respond sympathetically: “We will be made to be together in another life”, For her part, Ilse now has a beautiful relationship with the “engineer”, Declaring yourself happy and complete on his behalf.

They put the rivalry behind them and now they sing together

The famous ballad trio, Pandora, has been spectacularly successful with Mimi and Ilse de Flans in the project “Unexpected Trip”, a show where both the groups sing hit songs that everyone remembers. Incredibly, two women’s groups—which many considered enemies— have been merged to form one of the most important showsindifferent and impressionable of the century.

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