They hack the Menim platform and manage to capture the data of 17% of its users

The Menim administration said in a statement that it had suffered a cyber attack in which data stolen of some users. Although the attack was stopped immediately, the news portal could not stop the leak,

The website indicates that the problem affects some people, most notably 17.43%, in addition, will apply the menu a reset for all passwords (even if they are encrypted) to guarantee greater security.

shake me Investigating the origins of cyberattacks And the legal consequences that it implies, however, were that ciphers had old protocols to facilitate the sale of stolen data in forums.

On the other hand, the administration advises users that don’t use the same password Change the username credential on multiple web pages, and if possible, to avoid potential future leaks.

User @niconname explains on his Twitter account that “@meneame_net suffered hacks and data leaks due to screenshots. The data that can be seen has revealed some personal data. From the dealer’s comment, leave Give it cheap”.

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