They hid it well, Bibi Gaynan would have left Eduardo Capetillo at the altar

A soap opera love that could have ended badly

The marriage of Bibi Gayton and Eduardo Capetillo is one of the most beloved within the artistic medium, because apart from the beautiful couple they make, this relationship stands out from the rest for its strength. Despite getting married at a very young age—when they were barely 22 and 24 respectively—the actors have managed to overcome life’s trials with the great love they have shown.

28 years later, and five kids later, Rumors of their hurried marriage are still dormant, focusing on issues that happened nearly three decades ago. One of the incidents still widely mentioned among fans and journalists is that of the child Bibi had been waiting for for months before marrying her lover, justifying that this was the reason why the young people were forced to marry urgently. Had to get married.

More news about Eduardo Capetillo:

Strong speculation arose around the courtship of the artists, which could end in tragedy for the great love of the now married couple. Where are the concepts They were trying to explain why Bibi left the one she named herself the first love of his life,, Diego Schoening, Well, after showing deep love for the good Timbiriche, Guyton suddenly announced on the Televisa forums that she had fallen in love with Eduardo, A love story that seems to last forever.

It is important to consider that, in the months before Bibi and Eduardo’s wedding, many comments—which it was predicted that Guyton would leave Her future husband was impaled at the altar to elope with Diego.– gained great power, and inspired the public to idealize what might happen on the day of the long-awaited union.

Other scandals surrounding the wedding

One of the most infamous gossips about the problems within the Capetillo-Gayton family are the repeated occasions in which the alleged Eduardo has been unfaithful to his beautiful wifeas well as rumors The violence that Capitolo has done to the dancer over the years; However, the couple has always preferred to be together and face the whispers and speculations without fear, showing a deep love that keeps them happy till date.

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