They impersonate influencers selling fake brands on Vinted to steal users’ bank details

Panda Security indicates on its blog that it has detected several cyber fraud attempts through Vinted to steal bank details. Fraud involves creating a sales profile by impersonating influential people recognized as attract users’ attention,

Vinted protects people’s money until they can verify that they are satisfied with the purchase, however, cybercriminals masquerade as potential customers and attempt to intercept communications. Application For Carry out the process in extreme channels,

an assumption influential person Ask buyer to connect via WhatsApp or Telegram send a fraudulent link Which redirects to a fake web page, where the victim is asked to fill in their bank details to complete the process.

it is based on method equipment transition with any malware Who tries to steal the banking digital identity.

Hervé Lambert (Global Consumer Operations Manager at Panda Security) states in the blog that cybercriminals can “use the false identities of people recognized on social networks, such as influencers, to increase the notoriety of their profiles and sell their fakes.” to increase”.

Wallpop can be contacted through social networks, email or simple.

so you can avoid scams

  • the user They should not exit the application to do shopping.
  • They don’t have to rely on false promises discounted price.
  • it is advisable Review the profile thoroughly Seller to check if he has profile photo, assigned sales and full name.
  • can suffer report any incident Or I suspect the Vinted scam.

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