They insult Belinda on Christian Nodal’s show

They insult Belinda at Christian Nodal’s show. Photos: Darkroom

during the performance of the singer Christian Nodalstarted shouting in the name of people Belinda with disgrace Ching#$%&M/&%$, In a video posted by a user instagram Famous to a. shown talking with mariachi without it preventing the public from continuing to shout the phrase in october parties of Guadalajara Jalisco.

WARNING: The following audio-visual content contains explicit violence and high-sounding words, discretion advised.

With the audience grooving to the musical evening, the attendees started insulting Belinda, This video was broadcast by Joe shamonic3 account in social networks instagramYou can see the artist talking with a mariachi trumpeter who accompanied him on the show.

User commented that Christian Nodal made it clear that he couldn’t control others’ mouths and expressed: “I’m as sad and ashamed as Guadalajara that I apologize! Because of this bad moment and this rudeness, It should be noted that unfortunately one cannot control this, but I do not know that anything can be done.

Belinda was already insulted by Nodal’s friends

In mid-September, friends of Christian Nodal already insulted the singer in “Pigeon”. Belindawhich was a pair of singers, which sparked a strong wave of criticism on social networks among the followers of famous actress and singer,

many on that occasion Mexican regional singer’s accompanist They were enjoying tequila shots, live music and food when, at the start of the live performance, one of them said: “Look Christian… Ching#$” You M%&/% Belinda”.

aggression against Belinda caused the laughter of other attendees and even nodalWho amidst laughter requested the microphone and camera to continue his tune and recording.

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