They introduce ‘Furhat’, a social robot that teaches emotional education to children

‘Furhat’ is a social robot human form One who is oriented to social interaction with oral language can identify his interlocutors and adapt to communication.

Alisys company has created a device that expresses and feels emotions In order to create a link with the user, moreover, this technology facilitates in bridging the digital divide as it takes repetitive and routine tasks.

Georgina Diaz (Elysis Robotics Business Development Director) explained to EFE that while robotics humanizes technology, in terms of interaction with humans, it focuses on the fact that Android He doesn’t make decisions based on what people say.

Paula Riveras (Director of the State Youth Red Cross) is part of the project and explains that “a child can express an emotion or an action and the robot will not judge that”.

First test in Asturias

The pilot project was developed during November in Asturias, where 70 minors aged 6 to 16 participated in four workshops In which they learned different facial expressions associated with eight basic emotions (happiness, anger, shame, love, disgust, fear and surprise).

The minors received an explanation about the main emotions, how to recognize and manage them in a healthy way and later, through play and mobility, they learned what are the facial features that allow identify or express feelings,

“The most valuable aspect of conversation was facial expression, which Robot looks and blinks when it speaks Or that gives him the confidence to say how he feels”, indicates EFE.

Rivières states that “working with children from a very early age, all these emotional learning will help their personal development in their most everyday situations”.

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