“They just took 70 thousand pesos from me”: amidst tears, Flor Amargo denounced that she was the victim of a scam

artist bitter flower He denounced through a video on his social network that he became the victim of a scam in which he lost 70 thousand pesos.

“I just did the scam. They just took 70 thousand pesos from me.

in recording bitter flower He noted that the money taken from him was intended to pay for life insurance and a few other things.

“The insurance was 40 thousand pesos, they took 70 from me, I keep 20 cents, not at all”.

He mentioned that the loss of money helped him realize that there are far more valuable things, such as a friend or himself.

“But do you know why I cry? More than a scam, it’s because when you lose everything because I have 0.20 cents in my account right now, you know what? I have the most precious of mine. There is a friend who loves me and loves me named Leo, who is taking this video of me.

“I learned that when you lose money you lose nothing, but when you lose a friend, when you lose yourself, you lose everything.”

He also said that the scam also helped him to offer some advice to his followers, whom he asked to beware of such acts.

“Now I can tell you to be careful because they dial as if it were real and they tell you ‘submit here, deposit there, we’re not asking you for anything,’ they take about three hours , that is, they make you believe in them.”

He also asked them to value life and not put security in money.

“If you lose money you lose nothing, if you lose health there you are in a fart”

“Look, I’m still here. Just now I start playing in the street… Your security should never be in money before that, because imagine if it’s taken away from you your security is gone….

Finally, he clarified that although it hurt that they took money from him, well “no way out” and again asked his followers not to fall into the trap, but above all not to steal from himself. And nothing said to steal their peace.

“If you lose money you lose nothing, if you lose health there you are in fart. I will continue to work for all my tiktok to follow, no crack here doing, go beyond what is! Love ”, he concluded.

Floor Amargo Thanks Show Of Support

In another recording, where she shared the creative process of her next album and new projects, Flor Amargo thanked her followers for their support.

“Yesterday I gave him the keys to my true love and when I went to the cashier it was already zero. To a thief, because it was by phone. Beware of phone scams.”

According to the information disclosed, Flor Amargo may have received a call from alleged Citibanamex executives, who informed him that his money was being stolen and as a solution he proposed transferring it to other accounts, supposedly. that it is safe.

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