They killed him! He threw an object at Harry Styles and it hit his eye.

Harry Styles is currently on his world tour ‘Love On Tour’ and during this Monday night, while passing by his residence in Los Angeles, he suffered a severe blow to his eye that did not allow him to reopen it for the rest of the world. Gave. Show.

Before starting singing his latest song titled ‘Kiwi’, Styles had something unrecognizable on stage. Unfortunately, the object hit his eye directly, causing him to almost fall backwards.

Because of this hit. The ‘Watermelan Sugar’ cast couldn’t open their eyes to the rest of the song.

Previously, Harry has already suffered accidents due to things thrown on stage as fans of the artist enjoy throwing water, dolls and other objects with which he can easily slip.

The singer did not say anything despite the shock and continued with the concert, although he was unable to open his eyes during the rest.

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