They launch a mobile connected device that helps you save while cooking pasta: it uses only 2 minutes of gas

Barilla (Italian pasta maker) has created Passive Cooker, an open source device connected to mobile Use passive cooking to cook pasta with just two minutes of cooking timeThus, CO₂ emissions are reduced by 80% and electricity bills are reduced.

to use this device Passive cooking should be used, But what is it exactly? This includes cooking without fire, but specifically, it is about turning it off at the end of cooking to save energy.

Thanks to the passive cooker, all you have to do is keep the heat on for two minutes, turn it off, and cook the rest of the recipe with passive cooking. However, it is important to mention To use such a device, you need a 3D-printed case, an Arduino board, and two batteries.

Product connects to phone via appIn this way, it detects the vibration of the lid and sends a notification to the mobile when the food is ready to cook.

Another warning is given to extinguish the fire two minutes after starting the meal. Similarly, the application so Able to calculate the time required for passive cooking Depending on the type of pasta.

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