They Launched the First Camouflage Jacket That Makes You Invisible to Infrared Cameras

Researchers from the National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester have collaborated for three years with the Wolbach company first thermal camouflage jacket Of world. This invention also allows infrared cameras to detect who is wearing it.

The apparel is still in the development phase, but Volbach has announced the launch of the first prototype Which demonstrates the viability of your product. As he explains, the jacket can be programmed by a computer to be invisible to cameras that detect different temperatures.

invention is 42 patches, each with 100 layers of pure graphene, These can be individually controlled to control thermal radiation to the surface of the jacket.

The pads are connected to gold and copper printed wires that connect them to the computer microcontroller. Through the wires, the jacket receives a voltage that forces the ions between the graphene layers, reducing thermal radiation.

Wollbach and the Manchester researchers need to further improve this technique to make graphene pixels smaller. when they make it material can be used to hide more things, From one vehicle to one person.

They want to break this record.

The company has so far focused only on a model that hides itself from infrared cameras, but over time they may think of a garment that is difficult to detect with the naked eye.

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