They leaked the alleged moment Canelo lvarez ran into his daughter’s Grupo Firme de los XV

It was believed to be anger on Canelo’s part (Photo: TikTok Capture/@diego_dd_of and @chirrael)

While most families hire any musical group to liven up their festivities in the living room, the famous boxer Saul Canelo alvarez chose to firm group To play in the XV years of his daughter Emily Cinnamon.

However, people quickly took it upon themselves to spread on social networks that the boxer had kicked Grupo Firme out of his daughter’s party. At the time, a show influencer assured that he had a video of the uncomfortable situation, but he Could not spread it at the request of “close people” in the social circle of Canelo Alvarez.

Other Internet users decided to filter out the alleged recordings that caused controversy, in the video you can only see Canelo Alvarez, speaking from a stage inside the room, said the following after the athlete called several times eduin caseMusic group leader:

“Eduin, that bastard (some boxer) has kicked me out today, but go after you!”

The tone in which the famous boxer spoke sounds like a joke, as well Some members of Grupo Firme shouted “No!” in the midst of laughterPlus, he doesn’t look confused. But an adversary and an alleged . Mentioned Knock This will power versions like YouTube channel versions chalkeoin which it was ensured that Canelo’s anger must have been fueled by Eduin Kaz’s taunts about a lost matchup.

The truth is that the actions of the party to “remove” him prematurely were widely publicized. Amidst comments on TikTok and other social networks, messages could be read in which many Canelo fans assured that he was only “a little drunk”, on the other hand, there were some people who made jokes about the situation.

“That’s why I don’t go to Canelo’s parties anymore, that’s really bad”, “It’s good that I went before I ran for Grupo Firme” and “If my friend Canelo looked too aggressive, but hey, nobody Near” were just a few of the comments that could be read.

According to a series of statements by the influencer shamanic in radio space bestThe Canelo alvarez It must have faced several setbacks as the plan for the XV years did not turn out as expected. Among the inconveniences of the night of October 15 was Entry delay of up to three hours Ranch. of the guests of queenslike him overcrowding Well, there were more attendees than tables.

The biggest scandal came later because, according to the influencer, the undisputed 168-pound champion They chased away the actors as they were becoming the center of attraction in the party. And that the excess of people attending his daughter’s party must have been a reason for his displeasure.

“They expelled Grupo Firme and Karin from the party. ran them Canelo Because he was already furious. He was already drunk and very stubborn singing like karaoke. The firm group begins to sing and he tells them: ‘They are leaving … because they have had enough for me. They already annoyed me’ (…) so ugly that he behaved Canelo Because yes the cups are passed,” he assured during his speech.

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