They loved her more than Laura Bozo, but this tragedy changed her life forever

Laura Bozo

Miss Laura’s famous phrase: “Let the unfortunate pass …” is not remembered, which made her one of the most consumed television products on television, so she tried to imitate her on several occasions and on various channels .

Although not all television offers for this type of program were successful, a few exceptions managed to achieve the desired ratings, and one of these success stories was the presenter Rocío Sánchez Azura.

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She mingled with Adela Noriega and Thalia, but her health took her away from her dreams and now no one knows anything about her.

who was the host of one of the most beloved variety and interview shows on TV; But success on television hasn’t been able to hide the great pain she went through after the death of her daughter, Daniela Santiago Sánchez, who died at the age of 31 after fighting lupus.

the pain that has no name

This is how they know the pain caused by the death of a child, because it is said that the pain is indescribable and only those who suffer it know how difficult it is to overcome it, so it is logical that even three years later, the presenter is still also can’t forget that pain: “It’s so hard to see that you’re gone, to know that you’ll never be with me again, that your smile will remain in my memory…”, by Rocio Sánchez Azura wrote.

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