They make a bracelet for cows that monitors their health and works for their movements

At first, this may have seemed like something worthy of a Black Mirror episode, but the truth is that devices that monitor your health by simply placing it on your wrist are becoming all too common. Smartwatches or smart watches have the necessary technology to know different parameters, such as our heart rate, our sleep cycle, fertility or our location in real time. But these tools not only work for us humans to make sure we’re healthy, but also can also be used To monitor the health of farm animals.

Some researchers have published a paper today, December 1, in the journal iScience in which they talk about a portable intelligent device they have designed specifically for cows. the invention kinetic energy capture produced by every movement of an animal, even those that seem imperceptible, And taking advantage of this he fills his stomach.

Xutao Zhang, co-author of the study and an energy researcher at China’s Southwest Jiaotong University, explains that “monitoring environmental and health information from livestock can help. To prevent diseases and improve the efficiency of breeding and pasture management“. Through smart bracelets, humans will be able to know important data for managing their farms, such as oxygen concentration, air temperature and humidity, amount of exercise, breeding cycles, disease and milk production.

To put the invention into operation, they do not need to connect it to current to charge it, but use the energy generated by the cows themselves to do so. “A tremendous amount of kinetic energy can be gathered in the daily movements of cattle, such as walking, running and even moving your neckZhang explains. His Energy Harvester uses magnets and a pendulum to amplify the small movements of the cows so that they too can move.

Cattle give more milk assuming they are in the open air.

Device uses embedded sensors ankles and around the neck To capture all this energy. After collecting, it is stored in a lithium battery and fed to the invention.

So far, the product has been applied to some cattle, but Zhang and his team think they can be used in humans as well. This device can have various applications for both sports monitoring and medical, smart home and building wireless sensor networks.

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