They make a smart super helmet that helps firefighters navigate smoke-filled environments

Researchers at the National Robotarium in Edinburgh have designed a helmet with artificial intelligence (AI). To guide firefighters in smoke filled environments, This invention will make it easier to save people and animals and put out fires.

“Firefighters are the heroes,” says Chris Xiaoxuan Lu, professor of cyber-physical systems at Euronews’s University of Edinburgh School of Informatics. “We wish he had a superhero ability: Have the ability to see through the smoke, through the darkness and find effective solutions For search and rescue.

have a helmet Sensors, thermal cameras and radar technologies. Through these implementations, its developers sought to enable the invention to improve “the safety of firefighters from multiple dimensions”. Thanks to the helmet, professionals will be able to move more efficiently through smoky areas, expanding the possibilities of rescue.

test in scotland

According to Scottish firefighters who were able to test the device, it “provides a thermal imaging capability” Which helps them locate people and “scan a room”. With the helmet on, they can do something in 5 or 10 seconds that they would normally do in minutes.

Technology can be used to save lives.

How’s the helmet?

Product weight. is less than 1.3 kg and is designed with parts that are called a . can be purchased at fair price, In addition, its attachment to the rest of the existing firefighting suit is simple, so its implementation should not be complicated.

The helmet has sensors, thermal cameras and radar technology.
The helmet has sensors, thermal cameras and radar technology.
National Robotarium via Twitter

The helmet has successfully passed the tests conducted. researcher now Looking for associates in the industry so that they can mass produce them for distribution to firefighters around the world.

They also propose a future version of the helmet that could generate 3D Map Thanks for adding artificial intelligence and a screen aimed at providing spatial awareness to firefighters.

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