They make drones capable of ‘viewing from the walls’ thanks to WiFi

Researchers at the University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) have created an aerial device capable of detecting every device connected to a home’s WiFi from the outside. for this he used A Commercial Drone for Only $20 and your computer skills.

Study authors Ali Abedi and Deepak Vashisht called their creation ‘Y-Peep’ and at the 28th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking they demonstrated exactly what it entails. Its inventors defined its function as “A Location-Revealing Privacy Attack” of devices, manipulating data on Wi-Fi networks to “see through the walls”.

With their invention, Abedi and Vashisht uncovered the security flaws of smart devices that work by connecting to Wi-Fi. they only needed to use the technique of ‘time of flight’ (ToF), which detects the WiFi signal and the distance between objects by manipulating some data.

According to the researchers, their Wi-Peep with ToF technology detected attempts to communicate with home devices and, thus, measured the physical distance of the signal with them. If a thief had access to the same invention as Abedi and Vashistha, he could know where they were. valuable electronics before entering a house or knowing where they are connected security system Al WiFi.

The interior ministry had procured 15 tablets last year.

Following the creation of the Y-Peep and its consequences, researchers hope companies will design next generation protocols who are not vulnerable to these failures.

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