They Make Smart Strips That Monitor How Wounds Are Healing

A group of researchers at Stanford University has developed a medical device that… accelerates tissue repair By monitoring the healing process as well as treating the wound.

Said smart bandage is made of wireless circuitry use temperature sensor To monitor the progress of wound healing. For example, if a wound heals poorly or an infection is detected, the sensors inform a central processing unit to apply more electrical stimulation to speed tissue closure and reduce infection.

In an article published in the journal Nature Biotechnology, the researchers indicate that the device Promotes rapid wound closureIncreases blood flow to injured tissue and improves skin recovery.

Yuanwen Jiang (co-author of the study) explains that “by sealing the wound, the smart bandage protects during healing, but it is not a passive device, but a active treatment equipment which may change the standard of care in the treatment of chronic wounds”.

The strip contains a small electronic layer, which includes a microcontroller unit (MCU), radio antenna, memory, electrical stimulator, biosensor, and other components. Similarly, the entire circuit is mounted on an integrated hydrogelTo deliver healing electrical stimulation to injured tissue and collect biosensor data in real time.

In case you didn’t know, the polymer in the hydrogel is designed to adhere securely to the wound surface Needs to be removed cleanly when needed and warmed a few degrees above body temperature.

First test on monkey has been done.

Artem Trotsuk (co-author of the study) states in the article that “With stimulation and detection in one device, the smart bandage accelerates healing, but also Monitors as the wound improves,

for now, The device is just a proof of conceptBut the team would like to scale the device up to human-scale and address potential data storage problems.

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