They manage to locate a North Korean missile thanks to GPS data

A team of scientists led by Tyler Nighwander and Michael Nutt of Rice University (Texas) developed an open source computer program aimed at detecting disturbances in the ionosphere. Identify international missile launchFor example, the weapons recently created by North Korea.

When missiles pass through the atmosphere they create disturbances as measured by Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), and water vapor from rocket exhaust interacts with charged particles in the ionosphere.

Knightswander and Newt’s software measures the communication delay between the satellites to indicate the number of particles affected, and using this information, the scientists Know missile launch time and approximate location,

The creators posted on Twitter how the technology works by detecting atmospheric disturbances generated by North Korea’s largest intercontinental missile test. Just like that, Users can access the data as it is accessible and the software is an open program,

Currently, the innovation serves exclusively detect missiles passing through the ionosphereMeanwhile, fixed geostationary orbit prevents satellites from receiving information from certain countries.

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