They present the D-Gun, the first Galician military drone prototype developed for the armed forces

Aerocamaras and Arteixo Telecom have developed two drones special design for armed forcess.

before preventive drone there is a mighty light shoot into the crowd In addition to leaving them unused for two minutes, it’s important to mention it is not harmful For health and it is certified for it.

Activation by the pilot ignites a powerful flashbearing this in mind Specialists using drones will have to wear special glasses So that the powerful light source is not received, thus avoiding the effect.

This device is intended for use control risk situations or that indicates control of large masses or violent groups. With respect to its autonomy, it can fly three hours and travel long distances.

On the other hand, the attack drone (also called defense) has a load capacity of Can carry up to three 60 mm grenades Which can disable vehicles.

This model can lift up to 49kg, includes a thermal and HD camera that detects equipment, long range lock on target To shoot vertically, it has three shooting modes, and can travel up to ten kilometers.

AeroCameras Drone.
AeroCameras Drone.
air chamber

Aerocamaras works with several companies to offer drones adapted to customer needs, likewise, has a form on their website (for forces) to request and receive product demonstrations.

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