They Remove Taylor Swift’s Scene in “Anti-Hero” Alleged Fatphobia

Taylor Swift continues to be in the limelight after the release of her new album Midnight, however, not everything has been hunky-dory, as she has received criticism from some fans for her fatphobia. Now, a scene from “Anti-Hero” has just been removed.

A new album, a new controversy. It was around this time that Taylor Swift returned to the world spotlight thanks to the premiere of her new studio album: Midnight, where she resumed her roles as screenwriter and director. However, not everything has been happy for the Amsterdam actress, Well, because of a particular scene in the clip “Anti-Hero” it is described as fat-phobic. Now this moment is gone,

Full acceptance of the public is practically impossible, but what Taylor Swift has experienced with “Anti-Hero” is starting to climb the scale. Around the second minute of the music video, we can see two versions of Taylor, one battling various insecurity issues, the other displaying the opposite behavior. This is where the moment of the scale called “fat” arises.

Taylor Swift

This immediately aroused the annoyance of a section of the public, assured that the Cats and Valentine’s Day actress showed a position against the slim body. Although we don’t have a statement from Swift about her video yet, The controversy seems to have escalated so much that the Apple Music platform decided to edit the video and remove the scene, confirmed Diversity,

rather than, If you’re curious enough, you can go to youtube and the time is still here, On several occasions, also the director of All to Well (The Short Film), a short starring Sadie Sink, Dylan O’Brien and Sean Levy, has admitted that in the past she struggled with eating problems, a personal The issue which he decided to take on his new album Midnight.

Taylor Swift

During Netflix’s Miss Americana documentary, Taylor Swift revealed that “looking at a picture of me made me feel like my stomach got huge. Somebody said I looked pregnant… and it made me hungry, I just stopped eating,

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