They reveal that Amaya Monteiro is missing and that her sister avoids the comments.

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A few days ago former Van Gogh’s Cannes singer Amaya Monteiro caused a lot of concern among her followers after she posted an image on the social network, where she was seen in terrible condition.With a discouraging message: “If hope is the last thing to die and I haven’t lost it yet, what use is life to me?”

Given this scenario, Spanish newspaper ABC tried to contact Amaya, but only got a response from the singer’s sister.

“Obviously saddened and concerned, his sister and personal assistant Idoia Monteiro has declined to make any statement regarding the singer’s condition”. The newspaper explained.

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While the fans of the artist have not stopped showing their support with messages through social networks.

For its part, the Spanish program Fiesta The singer’s music producer was contacted by Marcelo Vaccaro, who, seeing what happened to the artist’s account, thought the account had been hacked, Then he got a missed call from Amaiya at four in the morning.

For his part, the newspaper El Mundo reported that after these events, Marcelo was unable to contact the singer, so he did not know his current whereabouts amid the media uproar, so everything indicates that Amaya Monteiro, 46, is missing.

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