They show the power of the drones that come with FCAS, the fighter-bombers of the future built by Germany, Spain and France

Germany, Spain and France are developing the sixth generation fighter-bomber ie Future Combat Air System (FCAS). Will be a companion for military aircraft flights A drone carrier built by the Airbus firm, Whose first prototype is already there.

The Airbus companion aircraft is called the A400M and recently made its first test flight. The vehicle has the capacity to carry 12 large or 50 small drones and In their first launch in mid-flight they took out some remote carriers Which were in its cargo hold.

According to the Airbus account on its website, the remote carriers (‘remote transporters’) will be able to “act as remote sensors, including specific “payloads” that can be selected according to the “planned mission and required capabilities”, These drones, carried together with the FCAS thanks to the A400M, will improve the effectiveness of the military operations of Germany, Spain and France.

A400M Preparation

Airbus, the Bundeswehr Technical Center for Aircraft and Aeronautical Equipment, DLR, SFL and Gerdts had to implement new working methods to prepare the carriers for mid-air launch testing of remote carriers. As he explains, he had to resort to rapid prototyping and To jointly conduct flight tests.

with regard to a multidisciplinary team, the system was easy to develop and integrate in a short period of time and to achieve successful results. In particular, the device was developed in just six months to launch remote carriers from the A400M during flight.

The Lanius combat drone is capable of engaging enemy targets in urban environments.

test flight

To make the flight a complete success the team consisted of professionals from various companies, the device for the launch which they developed was placed on the ramp of the Bundeswehr A400M, From there, the demonstrator was launched, which was a modified Airbus Do-DT25 drone.

After launch, the drone’s engines were started and it continued in powered flight mode. in that moment, The crew aboard the A400M aircraft carrier handed over control to an operator on the ground who were in charge of guiding and landing the drone safely.

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