They showcase Meghan Markle’s eccentricity after marrying Prince Harry

Name of Meghan Markle still on the front page of United Kingdom after the death of Queen Isabel II, as has been made public about her feud with the palace staff, as well as her hopes after marrying Prince Harry and why she wants to leave the royal family. This time, it’s a trend again because of her perceived eccentricity when she became the Duchess of Sussex.

We advise you: Queen Elizabeth II talks about her father’s scandal with Meghan Markle; it told him

Meghan Markle wanted to be the “queen bee” of the royal family

According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, Meghan Markle She wanted to be the “queen bee” of the royal family, but upon arriving in Britain she noticed that there were “personality and culture conflicts”. one day before, Nicole also disclosed that The Duchess of Sussex had aspirations to become “England’s Beyoncé”But instead found a series of rules to follow that didn’t seem right.

Meghan Markle wanted to be the “Beyoncé of the United Kingdom”. file archive

Meghan Markle’s cynicism towards palace staff

Meghan Markle The palace staff, says expert Nicole, accused him of intimidation and of his pleas sent in the early morning hours to demand a solution.

,Meghan I wanted everything to happen now,” he said.

Royal staff elaborated that the Duchess did not understand the pace of work at the palace and was “expecting the urgency.”

Meghan Markle had a bad attitude towards staff. file archive

it was recently released The Terrible Nickname With Which They Knew Meghan Markle At The Palace Because Of Her Abuse And Demands, surname “Narcissistic Sociopath” Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown was published in the book.

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