They stole 11 million telephone numbers from WhatsApp accounts in Spain to carry out the scam

A group of cybercriminals has put up for sale around 11 million telephone numbers belonging to a WhatsApp account in Spain through a hacking forum. Let’s attack smile why wishes,

The goal is to buy these phone numbers and conduct cyber attacks impersonate other users and commit fraud,

CyberNews indicates that the instant messaging platform may have been a target of fraudsters, moreover, one of the malicious actors has put up for sale an updated number of around 500 million users worldwide.

On November 16, the cybercriminal posted an announcement on the BreachForum forum 2022 database with 487 million phone numbers for sale, CyberNews says that 84 countries have been the protagonists of this attack, namely Spain, Czech Republic, Ghana, Lithuania, Ecuador, Hungary, Guatemala, Tunisia, Serbia, Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico and Canada.

The media outlet claimed to have contacted the seller of the database, who told it that it sells information from the United States for $7,000, the United Kingdom for $2,500 and Germany for $2,000.

Public administrations do not invest enough money to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

When asked about the origins of this database, the vendor did not want to provide details about how it collected the numbers, although it could have done so using a so-called scraping technique. Violation of WhatsApp Terms of Service,

On the other hand, WhatsApp admits that the leaked information is baseless and they understand it It is not clear where they were obtained,

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