They take advantage of a viral TikTok challenge to trick thousands of users with malware

Cyber ​​criminals are taking advantage of the retro viral ‘invisible body challenge’ to spread malware what steal passwords and credit card information,

The challenge is that users are recorded naked while dancing so they can use the ‘invisible body’ filter laterIn this way, the system removes the person’s body to leave a blurred outline image.

Like many of TikTok’s challenges, this one has become quite popular Hashtags #invisiblebody already has over 24 million views, so cyber criminals took advantage of the situation and offered a tool that is able to remove such filters To see naked people.

What they offer is an invite to a Discord server where users are directed to a second link that leads to GitHub, and there victims are told that You can download the ‘Unfiltering’ filter (Unfiltered, in Spanish) even though it’s really him malware ‘WASP Thief’ (Discord token grabber).

The computer virus is said to steal Discord accounts, passwords, credit card information saved in the browser, cryptocurrency wallets, and even user files.

The link is 'supposed' to be a refund form.

BleepingComputer reports that just two videos promoting the fake tool received more than a million views, in addition, one Discord server racked up more than 30,000. On the other hand, Chechmarks claims that Attackers do not hesitate to create alternative accounts on other servers to continue offering malware WASP thief.

Both TikTok and GitHub quickly removed accounts promoting the scheme from their platforms, despite the fact that WASP was hosted on GitHub. Cyber ​​criminals are using new names to continue attacks,

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