They warn about an outbreak of lice among Corona Capital attendees

  • Music consumption in Latin America to increase by 31.2 percent in 2021.

  • Mexico was crowned as the country with the most listeners and it’s music industry is valued.

  • In Mexico, the festival industry is one of the most important for the economy.

Social networks have become the best tool for spreading news regardless of borders. That’s the story that was recorded this weekend in Mexico, where an assistant at the Corona Capital Festival alerted about a possible outbreak of lice among those who attended, especially this Sunday, November 20. Was at the concert.

When we talk about the music and events market in Mexico, we cannot leave out Corona Capital, which for thirteen years has been making its way among the best in the world due to the great quality and quality of its offer.

In this sense, the festival industry in Mexico is one of the most important for the economy, where according to the latest data from National Commission for the Safety and Security of Users of Financial Services (Condusef), The Mexican live music market generated 22 million 800 thousand dollars during 2016.

In that year, the said figure resulted in an increase in the Compound Annual Growth Rate (TCAC) 5.1 percent, leaving Mexico in first place in Latin America in terms of income from the live music sector.

Similarly, in 2021, recorded music consumption is set to grow by 31.2 percent in Latin America, the second fastest growing continent in the world after North Africa and the Middle East, within which Mexico was crowned as the country with the most listeners. Gone.

Allegations of spreading lice among those present in Corona Capital

Via the social network Twitter, a user noted that an alleged outbreak of lice during the last show on Sunday made some attendees feel uncomfortable.

“If anyone was barracked at the Miley Cyrus show in Corona please check yourself for lice or nits or if you felt itchy after the show. Already many cases of fans reporting having lice Are,” reads the Twitter account.

Before the said announcement, the reactions did not wait and other internet users also confirmed the situation.

“Yes, there was one that was scratching and then I saw many scratches and it started itching, today I woke up with nits,” another assistant wrote on the social network.

Let us recall that last Friday the 18th, Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th, the event featured the likes of Miley Cyrus, My Chemical Romance, Paramore and Arctic Monkeys.

To date, no health authority or event organizer has confirmed the reported outbreak of lice, according to National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), These are very small parasites that are brown or light in color and can infect humans on the pubis, body or head.

Similarly, according to UNAM, transmission of lice occurs through head-to-head contact and does not occur through clothing, combs, hats or bedding.

And thus social networks become the main communication tool for people to disseminate this type of information, as in the past it has allowed some people to publish the disappearance, or even to request assistance at any time. also worked.

Finally, it is common to see these media as a channel to spread a specific topic each time, managing to involve other people in that digital conversation.

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