This Amazon Robot Handles 1,000 Items Per Hour, Are We Getting Closer to Replacing Human Hands?

Amazon has developed a robot that is capable of identifying and controlling products in its warehouses. android said his name is sparrow, It’s a tilted robotic arm Retractable suction cups by a set of tools and can identify 65% ​​of the inventory.

Huge e-commerce A statement said that the device “take on repetitive tasksallows our employees to focus their time and energy on other things while improving safety and Will help increase efficiency through automation Our fulfillment is an important part of the process so that we can continue to deliver to customers.

But how does it work? sparrow identify any element (regardless of their size, shape, and texture), picks them up using suction cups attached to their surface, and then places the products in separate plastic boxes for computer vision and artificial intelligence.

It is still unknown when the robotic arm will be integrated into warehousesDespite the fact that Amazon aims to automate its business.

Are employees in danger?

Amazon notes that “the design and implementation of robotics and technology throughout our operations Created over 700 new job categories Which now exists within the company, all thanks to the technology that we have introduced into our operations.”

this post show a positive impact Technology and Robotics is for the workforce and the workplace. e-commerce He adds that “supporting our employees and helping them transition and advance their careers in roles that work with our technology is an important part of how we will continue to innovate.”

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